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In 2018, THE JINS joined Yung Heazy for his Fall 2018 Canadian tour and have played with bands such as Hockey Dad, Dead Ghosts and The Velveteins

Single "She Said" is currently being spun at ALT/SPECIALTY radio in the USA.

“DEATH WISH” (EP) will be released May 17th. Produced by Dave Genn (54-40)


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In a big blue house on the eastside of Vancouver, the Jins were born. Now, whether you consider the birth date of a band their first show, or the day they decided on their path, it doesn’t matter, because it all happened in that blue house. 2014’s Halloween show was a tentpole for that early sound, and if you don’t know Vancouver, shows almost never happen in houses there. The city breathes a heavy lung full of NIMBY behaviour, so kicking off their journey by cold-rocking the neighbourhood is the way to become the stuff of legends.

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49.4k overall streams



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